About KinAtlas

KinATLAS is a brand-new knowledge bank developed by Kinexus that takes the data in the Kinexus's TranscriptoNET website and data originally retrieved from primarily the EMBL STRING database to create protein-protein interaction network maps that are tissue or cell-specific, and serves as a portal to more detailed information on these proteins in SigNET and other websites. It also utilizes our DrugKiNET website to display maps of known and predicted protein kinase-drug interactions. KinATLAS can help identify new kinase targets for existing drugs, which can be further tested with our In Vitro Kinase-Inhibitor Activity Profiling (KICP) Services.


KinAtlas is designed to be fast and simple to navigate. Just follow the steps outlined in each query. Presently, there are two different types of queries that you can perform with KinAtlas: protein-protein interaction mapping and kinase-drug interaction mapping. We are also currently developing the third query system to support kinase-subtrate interaction mapping. You can query a protein of interest by searching for its gene name, protein name, UniProt ID, or IPI ID. A list of possible options will be generated upon entering at least two letters of the protein names or identification numbers.

Other Useful Online Resources From Kinexus

Several other useful open-access, online resources are available from Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation to foster cell signalling research. Direct links to several of our other knowledgebases in the SigNET KnowledgeBank are provided just below the header at the top of the KinAtlas webpage. TranscriptoNET provides gene expression information on over 21,000 human genes. PhosphoNET features data on nearly 1 million confirmed or predicted human phosphorylation sites in the proteins encoded by these genes. KinaseNET offers detailed information about human protein kinases, and DrugKiNET contains data on over 800 known compounds that inhibit protein kinases.

Funding, Sponsorship, and Advertising Opportunities

To develop and sustain this free resource, we are seeking sponsorship from foundations and corporations. We gratefully acknowledge financial assistance for DrugKiNET from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Assistance Program and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. It is possible for commercial vendors of signal transduction reagents and services to advertise their relevant products and services on this site. Interested parties should contact our Sales and Marketing Department at info@kinexus.ca or call toll free in North America 1-866-KINEXUS.